About Nonna Linas

Nonna Linas Takeaway specialises in clean, high-quality Fish & chips delivery that is located at 151 Calder Rd, Bellshill ML4 2PL.
Other places claim to have the best fish and chips, yet Nonna Linas really does. If you are thinking where is the number one most popular fast food near me in Bellshill? Do a quick search on your phone, you will come across the Nonna Linas name.
This place is suitable for guests who have dinner on the go because they can order dishes for takeaway. You can order delicious foods online from our user-friendly website and get an exclusive 10% discount.
In our takeaway, you can find crispy fish and chips, Chicken Pakora, Pasta & Salsiccia Italiana, freshly made Pizzas, and much more.
Check out our Munchy boxes on our menu that are suitable for kids and ready for a feast on romantic nights. All of our meals are available for collection or home delivery.
Would you like to order over the phone? Easy! Call us on 01698347348.
We are looking forward to welcoming you again. Thank you for being our valued customer.


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